Norwood-City Railway 3


Layout Pictures


Norwood-City station remodelled to allow for longer platforms. The centre four rail track was formally two rail in the previous layout. The signals are replacements for those on the old layout. Old 3 rail Hornby Dublo tinplate stock in the bay platforms on the left.
Looking across the platforms. Express passenger train readies to leave.
Dutches of Montrose leaves Norwood-City Looking in reverse direction
Crompton Road as seen from the reverse direction. A three rail Castle class locomotive is parked in the siding. Side on view of the town.
Overview of Crompton Road. Tube train entering station.
  Crompton Road with Crompton Road North in the distance.
The new Arnos Junction station utilising a component of the platforms and station buildings from the previous layout. Reverse view of station and village.
Tube train on the right enters Arnos Junction. Overall view of the village with separate west and east side rail tracks, the station being on the latter.
A view down the road to Arnos village The main high street.
Looking across the High Street to the station. Subway to platforms.
Town garage and shops. Busses queue up at Arnos Junction.
Upton Park is generally unchanged from the previous layout except the former double track beyond the station is now single. Looking down the platform with a DMU ready to depart to Norwood-City.
Overview of village. Upton Park service station.
Main street. Local train entering station.
The new Elmsfield Halt which uses the platforms from the previous layout. Elmsfield Halt old engine shed and ground frame leading to the two sidings.
  Overall view of the Halt and sidings
Close up of Elmsfield South station. This is one of two completely new stations which did not exist on the previous layout. Overall view of station.
Elmsfield South is in close proximity to Elmsfied Halt. This picture is taken from the tracks leading to Elmsfield Halt sidings. Looking along the station
Upton Central station is the other completely new station on the layout. Looking down the platform at Upton Central.
  Station building
Road bridge before Upton Central. Upton Central tunnel entrances
Close up of Crompton North which is unchanged from the previous layout. Like the previous layout this town has no station. Looking towards the high street
Looking down Oakham high street. Oakham with engines sidings at the rear.
The tangle of trolleybus poles and wires Side on view of town
  Railcar waiting at Oakham station