Norwood-City Railway 3

OO Model Railway


Norwood-City 1 (2006-9)

The original Norwood-City railway was developed over three years and was contained in a garden sheet of approximately 2.5 by 3 metres in our metro property. In early 2009 following a decision to retire to the country some 400km away it was necessary to dismantle the railway for transportation. The new property includes a much larger work shed some 4metre square which is insulated with heating and air conditioning. Click here to view the first layout.

Norwood-City 2 (2009-14)

Unfortunately the original Norwood-city railway was not designed for transportation as it could not easily be broken into sections. However, it was possible to separate and transport intact the following:

  • 100% of the Crompton Road section;
  • 90% of Norwood-City section; and
  • 50% of Upton Park comprising the main station and track layout.

Rolling stock, road vehicles stations, buildings, some signals and overhead wiring, switches and transformers were etc were saved from the rest of the layout comprising Arnos Junction and Enfield Halt for reuse on the new layout. The base boards and track for these sections were not able to be used again. Click here to view the second layout.

The increased size of the work shed and lessons learned from building the new layout have enabled a bigger and hopefully better layout to be build in less time. As not all the space in the work shed has been used there is also scope to extend the layout further overtime. The build time for the new layout (Norwook-City 2) was six months although more time was been available because of retirement.

Norwood-City 3 (2014-onwards)

In 2014 alterations were made to the layout to make it easier to operate the major change involving the elimiation of a centre section.





The new layout called the new 'Norwood-City Railway 3' is, like the preceding railway, located in a fictitious heritage area west of London.

The new railway comprises the following:

  • Crompton Road;
  • Crompton North;
  • Norwood-City;
  • Elmsfield Halt;
  • Upton Park;
  • Upton Central, this station was previously called Tambo Upper, the major change involving the the addtion of a second platform; and
  • Elmsfield South; and
  • Oakham.

The advantages of the layout include:

  • more operating flexibility; and
  • easier to move around the layout.



Track Electrification

Like the original layout rail lines comprise:

  • 4 rail track on the inner circuit to represent London Underground track to facilitate the operation of some of the Hornby Dublo 3 rail locomotives;
  • 2 rail track on the middle circuit; and
  • 2 rail track with overhead centenary on the outside circuit.

Two rail circuits were again straight forward, however the additional centre third rail circuit at points on the inner circle and overhead on the outer circle did cause a few minor problems however, these were not as bad as the first layout.

Rolling Stock

As stated above the same rolling stock is being used on this layout. Operation of some of the older locomotives has not been a problem as they had been debugged on the first layout.


There still remains a large amount of work to be undertaken, as yet there are only a few back scenes in place, and a lot more work is required on the scenics.



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