Norwood-City Railway 1


BR Standard tank entering Norwood-City with a milk train

Class 33 leads a goods train onto underground track

Passenger train lead by a class73 passes Crompton North with a rake of three SR Coaches

LT train leaves Arnos Junction with the wrong destination blinds showing
Local goods train gets a proceed signal into Arnos Junction

Mixed goods lead by a 0-4-2 tank passes Arnos Junction over underground lines

Class 20 diesel awaits departure from Norwood-City with a local suburban train

Double headed passenger tain approaching Norwood-city on special railfan excursion

Inter-city express in BR colours
City of London passes the same location as short time after

Diesel railcar at Norwood-city on local passenger train for Upton Park

London underground train leaving tunnel behind Enfield Halt

Parcel train leaving Upton Park for Dunbar Wood

Dutchess of Montrose about to leave siding with a rage of coaches to form a limited express

Goods train travelling behind Crompton Road

City of London about to depart Norwood-City