Norwood-City Railway 1


Norwood-City station

Overview of Norwood-City station.

The tracks are:

  • between the first two platforms London Underground;
  • between the centre two platforms 2 rail; and
  • on the right of the platforms overhead powered.

The station platforms are PECO, the station canopy is old Triang and the station kiosks are made from kits.

Norwood-City station looking from the reverse direction.

The foot bridge is a combination of an old painted Hornby Dublo bridge with an extension built from balsa wood.

The outside power rail of the four rail London Underground track has been spaced out further than it should be to ensure that rolling stock does not have clearance problems.

Looking down allong the tracks at Norwood-City

Another view across the station.

The track at the bottom of the picture JUNE look more of a silver colour than the four rail tract it connects to.

The four rail track is Peco with my own version of third and fourth rails added. The other track is Märklin stud contact. This enables some of the three rail powered locomotives to run off the four rail track on to more conventional looking track.

The signal gantry over the centre and overhead tracks has gone due to some electrical diffculies. In its place three separate signals have been installed.

Looking down platform 4 and sidings to the right

Train on local suburban duties about to leave Norwood-City for Arnos Junction

This train is a test train to check the the third rail track.

Crompton Road Station
Looking at the village pond and Crompton Road high street in the distance
A general overview of Crompton Road station which is only served by the Underground line
Overall view of Crompton Road. The siding to the very left is stud contact track. To the right of the photo can be seen the other lines.
A view of the central high street at Crompton Road.
The 'Home Stores' shop is one of the few buildings on this layout which formed part of my early 1960's train set.
Looking down Crompton Road.
Close up of the platform at Crompton Road
Crompton Road showing Crompton North in the distance
(refer to the next set of pictures about Crompton North
Crompton North Town

This is a shot of the corner of the layout between Crompton Road and Arnos Junction referred to as 'Crompton North' showing the trolleybus on the single line route to the depot.

The old 40 MPH signs were around in the UK in the early 1960's.

Another view of Crompton North
Arnos Junction Station

This picture provides an overview of the Arnos Junction station. The major platform is on the right. The short platform on the left serves only occasional traffic. It is connected by a subway to the centre platform and the bus stop on the right. (The subway entrance is partly obscured by the waiting room).

The signal on the left before the turn out to the incline should be a junction signal. When the signal was first placed it had not been planned to build the incline immediately. Now the incline has been built this signal will need to be changed.

Side view of Arnos Junction showing the short platform.
View of the station and junction in the distance
Arnos Junction signal box
Close up of the main station
Close up looking across the two platforms
Close up of the main main platform

The eastern part of Arnos Junction provides a major interchange between all lines. The incline to the left takes trains to the upper level.

The branch line to Elmfield Halt is the first line diverging to the right just beyond the Esso sign.

Close up of the junction interchange
Picture of the incline beyond Arnos Junction which leads to Upton Park

Looking west from Arnos Junction. Just visible in the distance is Crompton North.

As can be seen the overhead masts are old Triang. It could be argued that these masts do not represent current British designs for overhead masts but given that I am building this layout on my own they will do for now.

I have resisted painting the overhead masts grey as I think dark green blends into the background more easily.

Petrol Station near Arnos Junction
Elmfield Halt
A country bus travels along the Elmfield Lane beside Elmfield Halt which is at the end of an old truncated ex GWR branch line
View of the platform at Elmfield halt.
Bus stop at Enfield Halt.
Upton Park
Overall view of Upton Park including signal box
Upton Park station and village at the top of this picture.
Upton Park station
Looking down the platform at Upton Park
Upton Park village and level crossing
A view taken further back from the one above giving a more complete picture of Upton Park high street
Road from the farm looking towards Upton Park village.

A view beyond Upton Park level crossing showing the farm.

The line to the left leads to Dunbar Wood (not included on the layout).

Upton Park farm
The line diverges just beyond Upton Park

Between Norwood-City and Crompton Road

View behind Crompton Road
This picture shows one corner of the layout between Norwood-City (to the left) Crompton Road station (to the right).
Close up of the park between Norwood-City and Crompton Road
Same scene as above shown from a different angle
The sidings between Norwood-City and Crompton Road
Underground line behind Elmfield Halt
Wiring under the base board
This is only a small section of the wiring under the control panel
Control switches for signals and points